Celebrating Daisy: Triumph on the Medine Trail

Facing the daunting heat and steep inclines of the Medine trail race in Mauritius, Daisy Myburgh proved that with solid training and fueling the results will follow - winning the ladies race by 15 minutes.

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The conditions for the race were far from straightforward. As dawn broke over the tropical island, the heat began to intensify rapidly – a characteristic weather pattern for Mauritius.

The terrain was equally daunting – 22km of the notoriously steep climbs and technical downs that make up most Mauritian trails.
Daisy turned these circumstances into the backdrop for one of her best performances to date. Known for her usual second and third place finishes in the local Mauritian trail league, Daisy managed to pass the leading lady at around 2km in, at a river crossing. She then managed to comfortably extend and maintain that lead right until the finish, claiming the top tier of the podium.

Daisy attributes her recent success to working with a new (female) coach who has revolutionized her training, favouring the science-backed Lactate Threshold zone approach. She reports that her HR is about 10-20 beats lower per minute at a faster pace as compared to previous races and that she finishes races feeling strong these days which is “even more rewarding than placing!”

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